Peterborough County Genealogy

Fraser Dunford

Last Update: 2022 Jan 13

    This site is under construction!! There will be many updates, probably about once a month. Check the date above for the latest update, and look at the Log to see what has been added.

    This is not a “how to” website.  The assumption of this website is that the reader knows the basics of genealogical research.  There are many good introductory books on genealogy and so there is no need for to cover that ground again.

    This is a “where is” website, a reference source for those doing genealogical work in Peterborough County.  It contains some information itself, mostly related to dates, but its most significant content is bibliographic -- it tells the researcher where things are.  There are two exceptions, where the data is here: an updated copy of my now out of print book "Places of Worship - Peterborough County" and data on photographers that I have collected.

    This website is loosely patterned after two British book models: Stuart Raymond's Genealogical Bibliographies of various British counties published by the Federation of Family History Societies, and the National Index of Parish Registers published by the Society of Genealogists.

    I would appreciate any additional information or corrections that will improve this site. Contact me at:

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