Peterborough County Genealogy

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This list gives every known cemetery in Peterborough County, sorted by historic township. For each entry there is its name, location, OGS ID, the number of stones and names in the transcript, and whether the transcript is in TONI.
The OGS ID is the standard identifier for Ontario cemeteries.
TONI (The Ontario Name Index) can be accessed at

NameLocationOGS IDStonesNamesTONI
Anstruther Twp      
 Apsley Union UnitedApsley1467   
 St George AngApsley1468   
 Wease PioneerC12 L218864   
Asphodel Twp      
 AbandonedC7 L41470   
 CameronC1 L19147241133Yes
 Hastings RC - see Mt Carmel     
 HumphriesC3 L21471411Yes
 Nancy Campbell 100770  
 Mount Carmel RCC9 L614742611251Yes
 Norwood / AsphodelC8 L18151916615335Yes
 St Michael AngC1 L111475833Yes
 St Paul RCC7 L1514763041013Yes
 WalshC7 L68863   
 WestwoodC2 L111477300963Yes
 WilsonC3 L2284514Yes
Belmont Twp      
 HubbleC9 L291481   
 Maple GroveC10 L4148211014097Yes
 Mount CarmelC6 L9 79  
 Oak LakeC4 L28860   
 Pine Grove PresbC9 L61483294791Yes
 PreneveauC9 L514802959Yes
 PrestonC3 L211479   
 Rockdale CommunityC2 L17148457172Yes
 Victoria UnitedC4 L11148557221Yes
Burleigh Twp      
 AbandonedC11 L388854   
 Coon LakeC1 L7885722Yes
 Little CedarC5 L78859814 
 SandersonC6 L108862   
 WilsonC4 L398861   
Cavendish Twp -- no cemteries      
Chandos Twp      
 Clydesdale UnitedC19 L261487111221Yes
 Glen Alda CommunityC1 L301488   
 HarveyC5 L141490   
 HillsideC7 L2814912460Yes
 St Andrew AngC8 L3114922746Yes
 St Mary RCC13 L1114933069Yes
 St Paul AngC2 L1814942563Yes
 Union LasswadeC2 L19148988170Yes
Douro Twp      
 Christ Church - see St John     
 HillsideC7 L1914965571608Yes
 St John AngC7 L17 (Lakefield)1512102172Yes
 St Joseph RCCF3 L514974681637Yes
Dummer Twp      
 AbandonedC8 L158855   
 Batten-Payne - see McCracken     
 Cottesloe UCC4 L6150353169Yes
 English LineC1 L161499616Yes
 KiddC5 L51500617Yes
 McCrackenC3 L2215012582Yes
 St Mark AngC1 L13 (Warsaw)15026402182Yes
 St Martin - NewTara Rd25542681219Yes
 St Martin - OldC5 L615054299Yes
 St Martin - PioneerC4 L1266532771Yes
 Young Gravel PitC8 L6100890  
 Silver LakeCA L3150748Yes
 St Patrick RCC12 L5150865155Yes
 Nogies CreekC17 L1949221542Yes
 Sandy LakeC14 L91510174501Yes
 Ben's - see Post     
 Monaghan North 1515   
 PostC4 L3151414Yes
North Monaghan      
 RosemountC10 L11517   
 CarrC7 L121521   
 FifeC5 L211522224827Yes
 Highland ParkC8 L24712123445733Yes
 KeeneC6 L121523287976Yes
 Keene Lower - see Pinegrove     
 MetcalfeC8 L14906313Yes
 Native UnmarkedC12 L4100780  
 PinegroveC6 L1215253031027Yes
 St Mark AngC12 L17152497269Yes
Peterborough City      
 Brock St Burial SitePeterborough100750  
 Camp Maple Leaf Burial Site 100760  
 Confederation SquarePeterborough1518   
 Little LakePeterborough1527922430494Yes
 Old Methodist PioneerPeterborough1526613Yes
 Peterborough JailPeterborough100790  
 St Peter RCPeterborough1528410011617Yes
 BickleC5 L23153069Yes
 BridgenorthCECR L121531304945Yes
 Curve LakeCurve Lake8858   
 Gilmore BaptistCECR L1010110817Yes
 LakefieldC7 L241532272610341Yes
 LeeCWCR L210106   
 Ray's - see Lakefield     
 St Mary RCC12 L36 (Youngs Pt)1533109355Yes
Ukn Location      
 Rosedale Burial 100740