Peterborough County Genealogy
Photographers and their Marks

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The original intent was to date the marks so that a photo could be dated. This did not work, for two reasons: it is very difficult to find dated photos and photographers seemed to use several marks at once. I would like to hear of any well-dated photo that adds to the date range of any of these marks or any marks not listed.

Artcraft Studio
Baker Studio
Barrie, W J
Booth, Donald W
Brumwell, Jacob H
Burgis C J
Byers, H J
Cowan, Walter
Cowan Studio
Cripps, Albert
Cunningham, Andrew
Doxsee, Chapman A
Early, George J
Early, Thomas G
Elliott, Wm A
Ervins, R D
Esterbrook, Thomas
Esterbrook, Mrs Thomas
Ewing, Robert D
Farthing, Lila A
Farthing, Reg
Fife, Mrs W B
Ford, A E
Forsyth, James
Forsyth, John
Fuller, John B
Garfield Studio
Green and Son
Green, Garnet
Green, John W
Green, J W and Son
Green, Peter H
Hall, J Lawson
Hall, William
Hamill and Ball
Kelsey, H A
Ketcheson & Farthing
Ketcheson-Farthing Studio
Lakefield Studio
Lawes, Charles
Lee, Frank D
Lendrum, Wm G
Little, James
Little and Lawrence
Little, W R
MacKnight, John L
Mathias, Chas D
Mathias and Franks
Matthews Art Studio
McClelland, Joseph
McFadden, William
Meade, Richard
Mendel, Louis
Miller, J
The Model Studio
Moule Studio
Moyle, William F
Munden, C
Nelson, John
Niebel, H R
Orth, Solomon
Orme, Wilfred H
Parks Studio
Peck, S S
Phillips, Peter
Platt, C W
Richmond Studio
Richmond, Frances
The Royal Art Studio
Shorey Photo Studio
Smith, Robert
Spencely, Joseph
Sproule, George B
Staples, F
Stark, Cecil
Terrill, L H
Thompson, Mrs R
Turner, Leslie A
Vincent, Victor L
Welch & Munro
Whiten, George E