Making Collector Teddy Bears
               A collectable-quality teddy bear is a work of art, designed and created by a teddy-bear artist.  As a result, each bear is unique, even if it is one of a series.  This is the first distinction between collectable-quality and factory-made teddy bears.  No matter how well made, factory bears have a noticable sameness about them.
       Teddy bear artists are professionals, working to professional standards.  Here are the standards used by TBAGNS - the Teddy Bear Artists Guild of Nova Scotia.  To be a member of TBAGNS, an artist must be juried by the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council.  These standards were written to help NSDCC in its jury process.
       A collectable-quality teddy bear is made of the best material possible, such as mohair, alpacca, high quality synthetics, or (for miniatures) upholstry velvet.  These can be quite expensive, for example mohair can be over $100 a yard.