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Betty Dunford

Welcome to the Stony Lake Bear Co!   Betty Dunford has been a bear artist for 30 years.   She creates collector quality, jointed, mohair teddy bears that will be tomorrow's heirlooms.

After over 30 years making teddy bears, I have decided it is time to retire. I have made 850 bears and friends and enjoyed every one of them. It was a pleasure to meet with colleagues and customers. But all things come to an end and this is the right time for me.
The bears below are the last I have made. I can deliver in the Golden Horseshoe and will be in Ottawa sometime in November. Elsewhere in Canada I pay for shipping.
If you are a bear maker, I have some miscellaneous supplies for sale, mostly joints and eyes.

Spring Sweetheart
Sweetheart - 16 inch - $150

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Joy - 16 inch - $170

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Poppy - 15 inch - $150 - Sold!

Queen Bee
Queen Bee - 12 inch - $140 - Sold!

Royal - 16 inch - $150 - Sold!

Charmin - 16 inch - $145

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Holly - 15 inch - $150 - Sold!

Graduate - 13 inch - $120

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Angie - 12 inch - $130 - Sold!

Pinecone - 8 inch - $90 - SOLD!

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