Finding Photographers


Here are some short forms that occur on photographs and the regions they refer to:

Short Form  MeaningDates Used
AltaAlberta, Canadaafter 1905 (NWT before)
Ariz Arizona, USA
B CBritish Columbiacolony to 1871, then Canada
Calif California, USA
C ECanada East1841-1867, then Quebec, Canada
Colo Colorado, USA
Con Connecticut, USA
C WCanada West1841-1867, then Ontario, Canada
Del Delaware, USA
Fla Florida, USA
Ill Illinois, USA
Ind Indiana, USA
Ken Kentucky, USA
ManManitoba, Canadafrom 1870 (Red River Settlement before)
Mass Massachusetts, USA
Mld Maryland, USA
Mich Michigan, USA
Minn Minnesota, USA
Miss Mississippi, USA
N BNew Brunswickcolony to 1867, then Canada
N C North Carolina, USA
N D North Dakota, USA
Neb Nebraska, USA
Nev Nevada, USA
NfldNewfoundlandcolony to 1949, then Canada
N H New Hampshire, USA
N M New Mexico, USA
N SNova Scotiacolony to 1867, then Canada
N S W New South Wales, Australia
N W TNorthwest Territories, Canadaat one time, most of western and northern Canada
N Y New York (state), USA
Okla Oklahoma, USA
OntOntario, Canadaafter 1867
Ore Oregon, USA
P E IPrince Edward Islandcolony to 1873, then Canada
Penn Pennsylvania, USA
PQProvince de Quebec, Canadaafter 1867
QueQuebec, Canadaafter 1867
R I Rhode Island, USA
SaskSaskatchewan, Canadaafter 1905 (NWT before)
S C South Carolina, USA
S D South Dakota, USA
Tenn Tennessee, USA
Tex Texas, USA
Vmt Vermont, USA
Wash Washington (state), USA
Wash, D C Washington (city), District of Columbia, USA
W V West Virginia, USA
Wisc Wisconsin, USA
Wyo Wyoming, USA