McMullin, Henry                              McMillan in marr record

c1839              Birth   Canada                        Parents: *Robert McMullin (2), *Sarah (2)    (1852 Census)

c1846              Birth   Dummer                     Parents: *Robert McMillan, *Sarah               (Marr)

1852                Cens    Age: 13, Religion: WM, Birth: Canada, Occupation: , F/L: 41/23


1866 Jul 21     Indenture C6 L8W   from Paul Jenkins & *Robert Peters              (Copybook GS4977 #18 779)

1872 May 25  Marr    Sarah Harrison            of Asphodel                            (Civil Reg MS932, Vol 23, Pg 179)

                                                            Age: 26, Born: Dummer, Res: Dummer, Religion: WM

                                                            General labourer

                                                            Parents: *Robert McMillan, *Sarah

                                                            Wit: Joseph Harrison, Catherine McDinsey

Sarah’s tombstone (Norwood #21) gives her name as McMillen

1881                Cens    Age: 35, Religion: Meth, Birth: Ont, Occupation: Farmer, Div/F/L: Verulam 1/15/2


                                    The only Henry McMullen or McMillan in Ontario of the right age and with a wife Sarah

1891                Cens    not found in Ontario

1901                Cens    not found in Ontario

No burial in TONI (Pbo Co)


                                    c1875              Sarah

                                    c1876              Lena

                                    c1878              Robert

                                    c1880              Henry