Early Settlers of Dummer Township
Fraser Dunford
Last Update: 2021 Jan 20

   Dummer Township is in Peterborough County, in Southern Ontario, Canada.  This website seeks to trace the life history of everyone who was in Dummer or was associated with Dummer (usually through land purchases) prior to the first nominal census in 1852.  There are some people whose information I gathered and then discovered they did not arrive in Dummer until after 1852.  I have left them in but marked them -- no point in wasting good information!!
   The website is divided into two parts: People and Property.  The People section contains information on over 2 600 people in 585 families and is now complete although additions are continually being made.  The Property section contains information sorted by property and is under construction. There is nothing in the Property section that is not in the People section, it is the sorting that is different.
   Dummer Twp has 12 consessions, each with about thirty 200-acre lots (since the northern boundary is Stony Lake the number of lots varies).  Each lot is then divided into two 100-acre farms -- and often further divided.  Thus we have about 360 200-acre lots or 720 100-acre farms.  This website is set up on concession and lot with any further divisions grouped together.
   Please note that property ownership is traced only as far as it involves the people in this study, that is people in or involved with Dummer prior to 1852.
   For a general description of Dummer property records, click here.
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   If a report mentions another person and there is a report for that person, either that name is a live link or the name is preceded by a *.
   To contact the author, e-mail fraser@dunford.ca.  Please note that everything I know about a person is in this website.  Additional information will be greeted with gratitude!!  Please include full citations.