AI - Abstract Index    A document produced by the land office outlining all activities relating to the ownership of a piece of land.  Microfilm at the Archives of Ontario, originals in local archives or libraries (for example those of Peterborough County are at the Trent Vally Archives in Peterborough).

AO    Archives of Ontario.

C Blackett Robinson - History of the County of Peterborough - Toronto (1884).  The book contains sketches of local people.

Census    "Cens"    Dummer had a census in 1839, 1840, and 1841.  Ontario had a census in 1852 (although called the 1851 census it actually occurred in 1852), 1861, and every ten years thereafter.  For this project each census to and including 1911 was checked.  Census data is identified by "location Division / Folio / Line".  If no location is given, the location is Dummer Township.  Held at Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa.

Churches    The congregation, denomination, and location is given.

Civil Registration    Registrations of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, held at the Archives of Ontario.

CMRO    Hancocks, Elizabeth - County Marriage Registers of Ontario 1858-1869.  Unless otherwise noted, the reference is to Vol 24-Peterborough County.

Copy Book    A document produced by the land office containing a copy of documents (called instruments) registered at that office.

DUE    Daughter of a United Empire Loyalist and so entitled to land.

FHxxxxx    A family history held in the Provincial Library of the Ontario Genealogical Society.

Gail Darling - In seach of Irish Darlings (FH09468)

HD    Petitions made to the Second Heir and Devisee Commission and the results therefrom.  Held at the Archives of Ontario and indexed in the OLRI.

IGI    International Genealogical Index, an old database.  All data is unverified.

Instrument    A document held (original or copy) in the LRO.

Land Records    Records from the Land Records Office.  The Peterborough County land records are held at the Trent Valley Archives in Peterborough.

LLT    Lands Liable for Taxation.  A document produced by Peterborough County and applying to a specific township, in this case Dummer Township.  Held at the Douro Public Library.

LRO    Land Records Office.  There is one or two per county.

McDonnell 1837    Alexander McDonnell was the land agent in Peterborough in the early 1830s.  In 1837 he reported to the colony's government, listing by name the families he had located.  This report is held at the Archives of Ontario, originally RG 1-A IV but restructured as RG 1-84-0-2.  This is a set of 81 miscellaneous Schedules and Land Rolls of which McDonnell’s report is no 55 (named vol 55).  Oddly the report has no covering letter; it is just the tables. The microfilm is on MS400 at the very start of reel 13.  At the AO Reading Room it is in cabinet 41.

Merriman, Brenda Dougall - Genealogy in Ontario - OGS.  The essential reference book for Ontario genealogy.

Military C    British army records, copy at Library and Archives Canada.

MRUC    Walker, Dan & Stratfod-Devai, Fawne - The Marriage Registers of Upper Canada.  Unless otherwise noted, The reference is to Vol 10-Colborne District 1841-1857.

OLRI    Ontario Land Records Index, the first stop in any search of land records.  Read a good guide to the OLRI before using it - the guide at AO or the chapter in Merriman. The index is held at the Archives of Ontario.

Origins    Cole, Jean Murray - Origins: The History of Dummer Township - Township of Dummer (1993).

PboA    Peterborough Archives.

Poole    Poole, Dr Thomas W - The Early Settlement of Peterborough County - Peterborough (1867).  Reprinted 1967.

PPL    Peterborough Public Library.  Usually refers to a vertical file at the PPL.

QC    Quit Claim, an instrument by which a person renounces all claim to a property.

Settlers Sheets    Sheets donated by members and held by the Kawartha Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.  Since they often do not have citations, use this information carefully.

SUE    Son of a United Empire Loyalist and so entitled to land.

TP    Township Papers - a collection of miscellaneous (and very informative) documents associated with a piece of land, held at the Archives of Ontario.

UCLP    Upper Canada Land Petitions.  Held at the Archives of Ontario.

UCS    Upper Canada Sundries - the correspondence of the Civil Secretary 1766 - 1841 - 90 reels of microfilm at the AO.

Unproven or unverified    Provided by an individual without citation.  Use this information carefully.

Wasson    Wasson, D A - The Wason History (2000 March)